Visa launches Bitcoin Black club, a VIP card for the crypto rich to spend in luxury

Bitcoin Black announces the launch of a Visa credit card with no spending limit. It is an exclusive club of 10,000 people worldwide. The company explained that the premium card allows bitcoins and other major cryptocurrencies to be converted into spendable cash. Its users will be able to use the card at any establishment in the world that accepts Visa and can receive rewards of up to 10% in SPND tokens.

SPND tokens will be redeemable on Bitcoin Black’s soon-to-be-launched Haute Living Luxury Marketplace. The company reports that it is an online boutique that includes luxury watches, handbags, cars, charter flight deals, access to private mansions and much more. Bitcoin Black Haute Living Luxury Marketplace has been developed in partnership with Haute Living Magazine, a lifestyle and luxury magazine founded in 2004. The launch is scheduled for 2 weeks from now.

Visa and the Bitcoin Black card

The CEO of Bitcoin Black is Prakash Chand, an experienced bitcoiner who first bought bitcoin in 2011. Chand believes that people with incredible wealth in cryptocurrencies needed a way to spend it easily and be rewarded for it. In this regard, Chand believes that Bitcoin Black is perfectly suited to high net worth individuals who want to use their cryptocurrencies for business or pleasure in the more than 140 countries where Visa is accepted. All members need to do to spend is load their cryptocurrencies via the Bitcoin Black web app or wallet.

Kamal Hotchandini, Bitcoin Black’s director of luxury, says that in addition to being able to spend the rewards on incredible luxury items, cardholders will also be able to purchase experiences designed exclusively for them by Haute Living Magazin. These include exclusive access to a luxurious mansion in the Turks and Caicos Islands, southeast of the Bahamas.


However, Bitcoin Black announces that it will have its own Boeing BBJ, called SPEND, to be launched in early 2023. The company claims that Bitcoin Black is secured by the cardholder’s bitcoins and other major cryptocurrencies and that it opens up a world of freedom and luxury, with unlimited purchasing power and opulent rewards.



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