Let’s take a look at decentralized Web of Massa

As you know, one of the key points of Massa is its Decentralized Web which means an actual hosting provider remains out of the classic scheme because Massa’s hosting “lives” on blockchain.

What this means?

Well, in a classic scheme, the user would access a website that is hosted somewhere on a server, which relies on a fixed internet connection and of course, a power source.

Clasic Web scheme

Massa comes with a challenging idea. Hosting a website on the actual blockchain, which means your website is hosted on numerous nodes, and doesn’t rely on one internet connection or on one power source, hence greater reliability and redundancy.

Massa decentralized web

Why decentralized web is so important ?

Most Web3 apps are used through a normal website that “talks” with a browser plugin, giving the webpage access to the user’s wallet and blockchain.

All ok and normal until now, right? Here comes the less pleasant part ..

The website that acts like an entry point to the dApp is NOT decentralized, NOT immutable once audited and by doing so it clearly breaks the foundation of DEFI security.

Massa’s approach:

The solution is to allow addresses on Massa to store not only a balance, bytecode and a datastore, but also files (which needs to be small in size or it could get expensive for the owner to store them).

When all this is done, the entry point (that we talked earlier) is also Decentralized, thus, giving the user a complete secure chain.

If you want to test the Decentralized Web proposed by Massa use the links bellow:

See also  Massa SMART-CONTRACTS Documentation

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