CESS (Cumulus Encrypted Storage System) Incentive Testnet v0.7.6


A half month ago, CESS officially announced the successful completion of Series A financing, securing a total of $8 million. With recognition from the market and users, CESS has not halted its pace of innovation and development. At the beginning of 2024, CESS will officially thrilled to announce the official launch of v0.7.6 on January 31st at 8:00 (UTC 0), introducing a series of upgrades and updates.

CESS and our community of miners have collectively completed 12 rounds of testnet upgrades and iterations. Notably, a specific testnet version attracted the collaborative efforts of over 6,300 nodes, with the current total surpassing 40,000 participating nodes. Throughout the ongoing optimizations of the testnet, CESS, operating as a blockchain-based decentralized cloud storage network and CDN, has successfully achieved online data storage and real-time sharing.

The iterative enhancements and updates within the testnet serve as tangible proof of milestones achieved, underscoring CESS’s dedicated commitment to constructing an open, transparent, collaborative, shared, and mutually prosperous data value network.

We extend our special thanks to the miners who have actively invested in testing and have been steadfast companions in CESS’s continuous growth. With the mainnet launch imminent, let us collectively embrace the upcoming Incentive Testnet v0.7.6. Below, you will find detailed introductions to the new features and updates in CESS-v0.7.6.

Storage Nodes:

  1. Optimized storage node economic model, including adjustments to reward release, penalty, and node exit mechanisms.
  2. Enhanced storage node pledging, supporting the same account for pledging, earnings, and signing or different accounts for each.
  3. Improved details of the multiple-backup recoverable storage proof mechanism, further enhancing network security.
  4. Optimization of storage node processes like idle space authentication, random challenges, and file recovery, fixing issues discovered in testnet CESS-v0.7.5.
  5. Addition of storage node runtime monitoring, improving the network’s ability to identify storage node status.
  6. Improved manuals for storage node and consensus node operations, including multi-container storage node operation and blockchain RPC node deployment.
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Consensus Nodes:

  1. Optimized TEE Worker registration model, allowing independent and multi-node registration, supporting various TEE Worker types.
  2. Enhanced idle space proof algorithm library, reducing the data volume required and alleviating network transmission pressure.
  3. Optimized CESS nodeadm script manager, supporting consensus node users in configuring domains.
  4. Implementation of online upgrade and data migration tests for consensus nodes, achieving seamless blockchain network upgrades.

DeOSS (Decentralized Object Storage Service):

  1. Optimized file upload process, decoupling data access business and reliability mechanisms, enhancing the storage network’s data throughput and stability.
  2. Improved go-sdk, js-sdk, and related user manuals, fixing known issues and enhancing developer usability.

Reward Rules for Testnet v0.7.6

Storage Miner

The storage miners will share 20,000 points in total for v0.7.6, which is equivalent to 2,000,000 CESS tokens. The final points of each miner are calculated based on the percentage of the miner’s contributed power relative to the network’s total storage power.

For example, if the total storage power of the entire network is 10,000 GiB, and Miner A possesses an effective power of 100 GiB at the test’s conclusion, Miner A will be awarded 200 points for this round.

CESS faucet:https://testnet-faucet.cess.cloud/

Note: Each miner has to contribute at least 1G storage power to be qualified. Check the storage power for the entire testnet or individual storage miners here. https://substats.cess.cloud/

Consensus Miner

Consensus nodes that run successfully and complete the entire testing period will receive a reward of 50 points. Contact our administrators on the CESS Telegram group to get TCESS for staking.

CESS Telegram: https://t.me/CESS_Storage_official

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The miner reward information will be posted on CESS Twitter account. After the CESS mainnet goes live, rewards will be distributed at a ratio of 1:100 (i.e., 1 point is equivalent to 100 CESS tokens). CESS reserves all the rights for the final explanation.

CESS Twitter: https://twitter.com/CESS_Storage


Should you encounter any issues while joining the testnet, please contact our team via CESS’s official Telegram group. We will provide you with assistance and support throughout the process.

CESS invites you to join in the future of data value

Through innovative technologies and models, CESS has reshaped the industry’s approach to data storage, management, and utilization. The decentralized storage network and CDN (Content Delivery Network) established by CESS provide online storage and real-time sharing solutions for the high-frequency dynamic data of the Web3 era. We sincerely invite you to join CESS-v0.7.6, collaborating to build a prosperous, diverse, and data asset-sovereign data value network.

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