Pioneering the Future of Blockchain Validation – Humanode’s Expansion Strategy


Pioneering the Future of Blockchain Validation – Humanode’s Expansion Strategy

Blockchain technology is rapidly evolving, necessitating more decentralized and scalable networks. Humanode’s recent expansion of its validators pool marks a significant step in this direction.

Expanding the Validators Pool
Humanode has increased its subsidized validator pool from 150 to 1,000 nodes, potentially rising to 10,000 to enhance network robustness and decentralization.

New Rules for Enhanced Fairness
New guidelines will ensure fair compensation and efficient performance among validators, promoting economic balance and sustainable growth.

Implications for Decentralization
This expansion promotes a more democratic governance model, increasing security and participant equality.

Humanode’s updates are pivotal for blockchain decentralization, expected to attract more participants and solidify network foundations.

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Decentralized Network Expansion

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