Bitcoin is going to 0 ?? It will be the biggest crisis, influencers warn

bitcoin going to 0
bitcoin going to 0

During this last week we have seen how many media outlets warn that bitcoin is going to 0.

Bitcoin is going to 0

Bitcoin is going to 0 ?

It should be noted that these controversies such as bitcoin going to 0 or the disappearance of cryptocurrencies in general arise whenever there is a decline in the general market.

In fact, if we look at the google trend tool, we can see how the words “bitcoin is going to 0” or “Bitcoin is dead” are among the most searched in the google search engine, even more than in the previous fall of cryptocurrencies.

Seeing the minor growth of the market , the startups that do not stop appearing and innovating, mass adoption is getting closer and this is one of the many reasons why bitcoin will never go to 0.

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