Masscots Series , Interview with João Diogo Silva from Sesimbra, Portugal


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Hi , tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from, and what is your history?

Hello, my name is João Diogo Silva, I´m from Sesimbra, Portugal, I´m a Production Animal Engineer, 42 years old, worked as Farm manager in dairy industry for 18 years, did some courses in Business management, and currently working as a consultant in multiple areas (Bovine Genetics for the Dairy industry, and in Real state). In 2018 was when I started to be more focused in Crypto, decentralization was what interested me! I´m a curious, investor, BTC miner, and last year started to work as validator in testnet and mainnet at Casper Network, also working currently as community manager for Shark Media for projects related to Casper (NFTs projects/Casper telegram channel and Casper telegram staking channel).

When you were a kid, what did you want to grow up and be? What were your dreams and aspirations ?

Well, I wanted to be a Veterinarian! I´m passioned for sports since a kid, received my first motorbike with 6 years old, so I wanted to be two wheels rider also! I was a superbike racer until 2020 and raced in Portugal and Spain, that was one dream achieved.

How did you discover Massa Labs, and what got you interested?

A friend of mine mentioned that there would be a testnet for Massa Labs, so I decided to participate, I was at that time validator for Casper, so being also a L1 , that can have decentralization, scalability and security kept me interested!

What is your current role in Massa, and what challenges do you expect to face?

I´m a testnet validator for now in Massa, it will be an excitement to follow this journey until the launch of Mainnet! following every episodes, improvements, obviously I will be hoping to join the mainnet as a validator.

What do you like the most about Massa?

Great team first of all! Being able to scale, with security and decentralization. Also curious to see how autonomous smart contracts will work.

How do you see the Massa ecosystem 5 years from now ? What is Massa`s most interesting part ?

I expect to see Massa with a grown ecosystem , in the top 10 blockchains. Solving the blockchain trilemma , autonomous smart contracts, Rust language that is more accessible to builders will certainly bring more projects to the ecosystem.

Setting Massa aside for a moment, what do you do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies?

Apart from work, I love to have time with my family, surfing, motorbike sports, and video gaming, that´s right, I love it!

 What are your goals in life?

I´ve been very successful in my career as a farm manager, but decided to start working as freelancer, and worked perfectly, I can organize my time, in the both consultant areas that I´m working currently. In crypto, my objective is to build a staking service in multiple top blockchains, for now Casper and Massalabs (counting on it!)

What is your favorite food, favorite movie, and favorite rock song?

– Food, “Cozido á Portuguesa”, “choco Frito”, not good writing about this now as I´m hungry! – Favorite movie, The Lord of the rings – Tonight, tonight, Smashing Pumpkins

Anything you would like to say to the community?

Let´s build, have fun, and work for Massa to be one of the most successful blockchains in Crypto.

Telegram: @JDSpeedy15

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Discord: JDSpeedy15#1574


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