Humanode: The project raises $2 million while testnet hits 1,980+ unique validators


A distributed financial system where One human = One node

Hello, human nodes! We are here to provide you with a recap of the projects’ news of the past two weeks!

This period was quite fruitful for teams, so let’s point out some of the key updates.
It is always a pleasure to see growing numbers in testnet stats. Humanode testnet V2 ‘Shamshel’, the 1st major upgrade that greatly improves the UI/UX, has just hit 1980+ validators (1,981 at the time of writing). And this is just the beginning! Join the testnet, and immortalize your existence as one of the first human nodes in history!
In a recent development update, Humanode teams have shared what they’ve been working on over the past two weeks.

As for the network development, they increased max authorities to 20k, adjusted Maximum Authentications and Maximum Nonces, reused Maximum Authentications for Aura and Grandpa Maximum Authorities, and used 5234 as Humanode EVM ChainID.

Web App development

The team refactored app structure and peer RPC connection machinery as well as refactored the FaceTec capture flow. As for Humanode Desktop App, they displayed connection status when connection is lost, limited the size of logs, added temporal polyfill and removed day.js, adapted manifest to new fetching structure, and improved error rendering.

Considering crypto-biometric search and matching and liveness algorithms, the team added an assert function to verify variables and keys parameters, included the generate keys function for each node, added a new class with collective authority protocols, removed unnecessary Ring-Learning with Errors (RLWE) instantiation in public key generation, and adjust parameters using the output of parameter generator.

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Moreover, the Humanode team has just announced the winner of the first Humanode Mascot Design Competition. The winner is @vikvo11, the creator of BIONOD! Congrats to the artist! BIONOD will now be sent over to be brushed up by our designer to get ready for action in the promotion of the conference and hackathon.

Other than that, the Humanode Fireside talk took place in the Humanode Telegram voice chat. The team discussed active and passive liveness detection. Listen to the recording on the Humanode Podcast, and join the team on Wednesday for the next conversation!

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