Massa TESTNET.17.1 will start soon !


Note: in this episode the faucet gives 500 instead of 100 coins. For stakers, you can buy 5 instead of 1 rolls.

Testnet version TEST.17.1 is live. Genesis has started on December 01, 00:01 AM UTC.

The episode will end on December 31, 6:00 PM UTC.

The faucet is already available, registration is open and scoring will start at cycle 229, on December 06, 10:16 AM UTC. The scoring will end at cycle 1199, on Thursday 29, 10:05 AM UTC.

New features in this release :

  • 👉 Refactored bootstrap module with significant speedup on node startup.
  • 👉 In parameters of functions in SC and storage we use bytearray instead of string.
  • 👉 Concept of gas_price with fee has been merged . Now, only fee exists.
  • 👉 Changed the main dependency used by CLI. Now, it’s easily usable and have a lot of new features.
  • 👉 Added an ABI to get all datastore keys of an address.
  • 👉 Stabilizing, cleaning and optimizing, using observations from testnet 16.

Upgrade SC packages:

📦 @massalabs/massa-web3: ~1.11.0

📦 @massalabs/as: ~1.1.0

📦 @massalabs/as-transformer: ~0.1.0

📦 @massalabs/massa-as-sdk: ~1.2.0

We will keep this minor version for the whole Testnet and release patch version if necessary. 📰 Complete changelog on As always, please follow the installation instructions on Lets go

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