Reminder : Calling Massa builders

Calling Massa builders
Calling Massa builders

Massa Builders

Recently  the team from Massa Labs made this announcement :

Hello everyone, for those who have developer skills & currently develop on Massa, or think about developing something on Massa, we created the @Builder role and a hidden chat for developers.
👉 Please fill in this form to review if you qualify :). In future it will be opened. It’s currently to understand who does what in the community and to have a better view of the developers among us!

Massa Builders
In order to start to identify builders among you that we didn’t meet before, feel free to fill in this form and share some things about you ❤️! We will be happy to add you to the special Discord Channel for Developers! 🚀

FORM : Massa Builders (

Stay tuned for more info : Massa Labs (@MassaLabs) / Twitter
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