Humanode Testnet3 Ramiel Major Updates


Testnet3 Ramiel Major Updates

Improved Humanode Authentication Experience – You can easily authenticate now since we removed the old authentication flow. No switching nodes into enrolling vs authenticate mode.

Increased BioAuthentication Time – This major update is for those always pointing out their concern regarding authentication expiry. Your bio authentication will now expire after 7 days instead of 72 hours. 😉

EVM and Ethereum compatibility – You can now deploy EVM smart contracts and use Ethereum smart contracts and wallets (such as Metamask); This means People can start developing dApps utilizing Humanode Sybil Resistance.

GRANDPA Block Finality Algorithm– This will ensure that your transaction will not be evicted by a conflicting chain if it’s in the finalized block.

BABE as Block Production Mechanism – It will eliminate the potential unfairness when we alter the authority set and even out the chances for each validator to produce a block.

Choice Between Selecting Testnet2 and Testnet3 – You have an option to choose between Testnet2 and Testnet3 on the Humanode desktop app while creating the workspace.

Other Significant Dev Updates

1. Humanode Network

– Minor corrections to runtime configs around BABE
– Substrate bumped to 438f40d
– Offline Validators will now be unauthenticated.
– FindAuthor implementations moved to a separate mod
– EVM implementation to native account linking
– Robonode public key is now swappable.
– Cargo metadata checks at Clippy are turned off.
– Precompile-bioauth will be in runtime
– Backport CLI API versioned to testnet2

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2. Humanode Web App

– Fixed Snackbar displaying [object Event]– Fixed display error message after failed request rotate and set keys
– Defaulted to WebSocket URL
– Fixed the case of the liveness data fields at the API

3. Bio-auth

– Integrated ML package into crypto
– Integrated poetry into the project
– Implemented extracting quantized/decoherence output from each -layer in the neural network
– Implemented ONNX quantization for facial recognition and liveness detection models

4. OAuth

– Displayed biometric engine instead of FaceTec SDK, added humanode fav icon
– Extended login and consent info response
– Added restart flow error
– Verifying subshares available now

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