Flashback – First Mass(h)ackathon

We leave you in this post the first hackathon held together by Massa and Kryptosphere at the Krypto-Hack in Lyon on the 22nd and 23rd of April. Kryptosphere, as the biggest blockchain student association in Europe regularly proposes to students interested in this technology to participate in such events. Massa, as a new layer 1 blockchain wanted to give a glimpse to what is possible to be done with its innovations.



During those two days, twenty-six participants divided in five teams took over the challenge to showcase what they could do and what was possible on Massa. There were also conferences on the side that aimed at a broader audience while the teams were working on their projects. Those five teams and their five projects were all very different.


The winners, Massoption team, aimed at leveraging the newly deployed (and unique in the blockchain industry) autonomous smart contracts from Massa, by implementing them for options trading on a DEX. The team that came in second place, Massadventures, showcased the possibility to host a game on the blockchain (here a proof of concept role-playing adventure based on the NetHack concept) using the Massa Autonomous Smart Contracts.

Moreover, both Massoption and Massadventure hosted their front directly on Massa (which allowed to reach their dapps on the labnet using the path massa://massoption and massa://massadventure), once again, a unique feature from Massa.

The other teams also proposed great ideas, such as the first NFT generation on Massa, a bridge platform, as well as an uncensorable blogging platform (hosted on the Web2.0 but with the blog posts pushed as well directly on Massa) — a topic dear to the values and the vision of the Massa team.

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For the whole Massa team it was a great experience to be able to see so much brainstorming happening and coding at the same time, as well as to help the students to develop their ideas to have the first proof-of-concepts running on Massa.

Thanks to all the participants, students, partners, speakers and organizers — in particular Kryptosphere, Ledger, Stack Talent, WallCrypt, ERA2140, Homa Games, Blockchain Game Alliance, Metaverse Summit, Onchain-Jobs, International Blockchain, Legal Brain. And congrats to Massoption team once again!.

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