New announcement from Massa Labs regarding TestNet 14.7


Hello everyone !

TEST.14.7 is now running and registrations are open.
Scoring will start at cycle 88, on Friday, September 23 2022, 12:03 UTC
Scoring will end at cycle 373, on Friday, September 30 2022, 06:11 UTC

After a major code refactoring, testnet 14.X has suffered a series of interruptions that required a lot of investigation to fix because those bugs went undetected in unit tests and labnet tests, which made them hard to reproduce without launching new “investigation” testnets. All detected bugs have now been fixed.
A couple of performance bottlenecks still persist (apparently in the Execution and Protocol modules) but we should be able to handle them without interruption.

Despite the fact that testnets are meant for testing, we understand that this has been a frustrating episode (it was also hard for us and kept us up many nights and week ends) but such a major refactoring was absolutely necessary for being able to stabilize the network. It should also be the last refactoring of this magnitude in the foreseeable future.

This investigation would not have succeeded without the help of the community members who launched nodes even though the testnet was being restarted on a regular basis. We are extremely grateful to the people who kept their nodes running despite the instabilities and we are working on gathering logs to reward them with episode points.

We are currently preparing testnet 15 which should be more stable, while bringing important new features.

Thank you again for your patience and your help !

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