Humanode reached 2 million blocks to their blockchain network

andrei, a blockchain project that is taking a unique approach to decentralization, has recently reached an impressive milestone , 2 million blocks to their blockchain network, a significant achievement that is a testament to their hard work and dedication.

What sets apart from other blockchain projects is their commitment to ensuring that only one unique living human being is behind each node. Instead of relying on mining equipment or stake, Humanode conducts private biometric verification of its validators, ensuring that the network is truly decentralized and secure.

The Humanode team believes that all humans are equal

This is reflected in the design of their blockchain network. All nodes deployed on the network are equal in terms of fee distribution, validation, and voting. This approach ensures that everyone has an equal say in the governance of the network, regardless of their stake or financial resources.

The one human equals one node equals one vote philosophy is a refreshing change from the traditional approach to blockchain governance. It eliminates the possibility of centralization and ensures that the network is truly decentralized, transparent, and fair. is already making waves in the blockchain industry, and their unique approach to decentralization has attracted attention from investors and developers alike.

As the blockchain network continues to grow, we can expect to see even more innovative use cases emerge. This is an exciting time for the blockchain industry, and is at the forefront of the movement towards true decentralization.

At , we are thrilled to see the success of and would like to offer our heartfelt congratulations to the team on reaching 2 million blocks on their blockchain network. Their commitment to innovation and their passion for developing a decentralized ecosystem is truly inspiring, and we look forward to seeing what they will achieve in the future. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors!

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