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Massa Masscot

Hi , tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from, and what is your history?

I graduated with an Associate’s degree in remote sensing last year, from the University Of Padang, West Sumatera. Haha, I didn’t work in the real life for a year. I don’t know, many people said it’s unemployment, but I really don’t care about it and at least I can find income online (work from home), not just money but I have friends, experience with stranger communities from outside the country. I love computers, but my major studied not related to my job right now. But at least it’s the still same interact with computer.

My previous job was to be a community manager and moderator in some project crypto. I handle moderators, make an event, and make guidelines and rules for the community, I tried to make a healthy community and I really bless it with success. I know about crypto since 2014-2016 I think, that’s when I junior high school. I know blockchain, and faucet, haha I remember playing, (faucet). But I know crypto just for fun, then I stop while in senior high school. Starting again crypto in November-December 2018, I join all event airdrop, a new blockchain-like mining on phone.

I forget what that project name is, but it’s really legit until today, that project changed from mining to getting paid for jobs with the payment token. Then TWT, waves (early haha but i lost my phrase so sad), that was when I didn’t have a laptop, I only had a smartphone. Then I was active again in 2020 until now, from project package protocol, Solana, bnb, eth, polygon blockchain, XRM, then node (Start really from massa I run it with local device lol :” without care about connection, my healthy laptop, then masa, neutron, aptos, tfsc, subspace, alephzero, inery, stride, sei, and etc).

When you were a kid, what did you want to grow up and be? What were your dreams and aspirations ?

Lol, I have aspirations while I kid to be a soldier like my father and a tocologist like my mother. Actually, I know about computer since third-grade elementary school from my father (Indonesia have a system of education starting from a playground, grade 1-6 in elementary school, 1-3 in junior high school, 1-3 in senior high school, then college). When I senior high school, my father told me not to be a soldier because it will make me far from my family, then I realized it was true.

In college, I want to be in the engineering department, then unfortunately I’m not passing, then I try it again and got remote sensing with first-batch graduates. I find more info about this major, looks like have great potential for a job. This college major has a lot to do with all sciences, ranging from land measurement, the environment, and the preparation of urban areas, the core is related to mapping from satellites (in sector oil, forest, river, urban city, and etc). I graduated from university, then I realized if apply job not just only real life, but we can work from home like I do right now, with wide relationship from another country. Its really my dream right now.

How did you discover Massa Labs, and what got you interested?

I got info about massa labs from the community in telegram, then I tried research from Twitter, website, roadmap and etc. Because I want to be early in the community, I see the progress of Massa is real not just like another project. I see before, more massa benefits in the blockchain. I really appreciated the massa team, very welcomed us early. Then I give feedback and tried to help contribute to the community to make a guide. I know its not excellent as the team wishes :’) I want to learn more in crypto not just only project, but learn all about blockchain, much experience here for I find and learn

What is your current role in Massa, and what challenges do you expect to face?

My Challenges will I expect to face is struggle for explain about massa to local or international community. Sometimes much people not research or read about project, then ask about same question every minutes, hour or seconds. I think its really struggle when build project. Teach them about node, validator, explain roadmap, what dev do rn and etc.

What do you like the most about Massa?

I see massa in node test can handle thousands of tps without compromising decentralization or blockchain security. Dev and team massa use extended nakamoto consensus rule about a case of parallel blocks to allow a secure and decentralized consensus with POS like ETH 2.0, Cardano, polkadot and Solana. Then massa can solve scaling problem with a multithreaded block graph which scales up performance Then, community and progress of massa. Sorry to say many people said that massa has slow progress. I think it’s okaay Massa has slow progress but Iam sure it will more impact to make secure blockchain in crypto. Hope what team has done right now will give proof to world of how best secure massa blockchain.

How do you see the Massa ecosystem 5 years from now ? What is Massa`s most interesting part ?

Slow but sure, massa will have a big ecosystem like other blockchains Solana, ETH, Bnb. Time will answer everything, If team, and dev really focused build massa. Investor, funding raised, capital will automatically invest to massa. I trust it, everything ecosystem will up and grow step by step. Maybe massa need some big influencer and some proposal by team to dev. One key what i’ve learn for build some project is dev >< community. Everything related between community, and team. No one project can up without community, everything is about community

Setting Massa aside for a moment, what do you do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies?

Free time? hmmm, hangout with community, make a guide how to run node/validator, research new project, learn design, play game and repeat. Just it all

 What are your goals in life?

Goals in life, I want health life, but its hard to me because I always stay up late, bad habbit since senior high school, and also the time between our countries is different. Then stable economy from crypto. Is it impossible? I think its nope, why? Iam thankful to god, and my parents. I can help them from economy, paid their debt, help this economy stable. I really thankful, but I really aware about my health :’) Maybe because I didnt have a stable and active income in day or week or months. Yeah I really manage my money, not well

What is your favorite food, favorite movie, and favorite rock song?

Food? rendang, omelette made by me, fried rice, variations of chicken (chicken rendang, chicken curry, etc) Movie? Peaky Blinders, The Blacklist, 99 Brooklyn, and Enola Holmes, Lupin, the davinci code. I forget lol too much, sorry 🙁 Favorite rock song? not much maybe old songs like avril, evanescence, or bmth, asking alexandria. Not much i know about genre music, who’s singer or band. I just know about song. But mostly I love edm, like skrillex, martin garrix, zeed, gryffin and many more

Anything you would like to say to the community?

Please read all rules, guidelines, and announcements from the team and dev. It will lead you to the next step level to find new experiences. If you got error, you can try to find in google for solving the error. Not found? Ask the community, that’s function of the community to help each other. Try being kind to everyone, and help any people regardless of race, ethnicity, and religion. It will have a good impact on yourself

Telegram : @dickydamara

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