Massa’s Ecosystem is experiencing record growth in Q1 2023

Massa’s Ecosystem

The first quarter of the year has started quite auspiciously. Things are looking good for the crypto markets in general and for Massa in particular. We are pleased to announce that there are 16 projects already building on the Massa testnet. And more are coming.

Since the Massa team is continuously addressing the need for decentralization and providing users with a solution that doesn’t compromise security or scalability, it is hardly surprising that the ecosystem keeps attracting more and more projects. By finally removing the barriers to entry common to most of the Layer 1 blockchain networks, Massa allows both developers and everyday users of the network to participate and fulfill the team’s ultimate end goal of achieving (and maintaining!) maximum decentralization.

Of course, such rapid progress wouldn’t have been possible without all the pioneer web3 builders that have gathered around Massa. The Massa team wants to thank each and every one! Massa has received a truly overwhelming acceptance from the crypto developer community and the core team is happy to see a community that is just as passionate about building a truly decentralized future as the Massa founders themselves. After all, most devs prefer to be certain that the blockchain they’re building upon will remain completely independent and unaffected by a closed group of individuals. Perhaps this is why Massa has managed to onboard so many projects on its testnet with just one seed round of only 5 million USD. This is highly atypical, as most Layer 1 blockchains begin onboarding projects with the help of millions of USD in the form of ecosystem grants.

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Projects are instinctively attracted to the Massa vision

The grand Massa vision is two-fold; first, build a high-capacity infrastructure which provides dApps with a censorship-resistant environment thanks to its true decentralization. Second, offer a secure way for protocols to continue thriving on the blockchain even in case the project shuts down. This is possible because Massa’s smart contracts are hosted on-chain and remain serverless forever.

Massa removes the web3/blockchain learning-curve barrier for the benefit of all the regular web2 developers out there. By utilizing AssemblyScript as Massa’s smart contract language, the core team has ensured that any web developer is able to easily code smart contracts and deploy a project, without any overhead. Offering a number of ground-breaking out-of-the-box features, such as autonomous smart contract and web3-on-chain, further solidifies the mass appeal of Massa. The team firmly believes that by providing best-in-class dev tools in combination with the uniquely strong fundamentals, the global crypto community is going to witness some real killer dApps emerging in 2023.

Projects are enjoying support on multiple fronts

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