Aleo — where applications become private

Aleo is the first platform offering completely private applications. Aleo achieves it by using decentralized systems and zero-knowledge cryptography to protect user data on the internet. At its core, Aleo offers users and application developers unlimited computing resources with absolute privacy.

By developing Aleo as a blockchain, which is by default private, with open source code and is created for the Internet, the creators believe that Aleo has unique capabilities to eliminate the disadvantages of blockchain implementation. With Aleo, users have access to the whole world of truly personalized web services without giving up control over their personal data.\

The creators believe that Aleo will change the role of decentralized systems in our society and will introduce new opportunities that were not previously available on the network.

In order to make private applications on Aleo intuitively and easily, the creators are developing a programming language called Leo. Leo looks and works like a traditional programming language. But in fact Leo is much more complicated. Leo abstracts low-level cryptographic concepts and simplifies the integration of private applications into your stack. To speed up the development cycle, Aleo Studio is being created, the first IDE for writing zero-knowledge applications.

Developers are open to their community and constantly share their success and failure, describe what has been done and what else is worth working on. Everything is open and transparent. All the data is new and up-to-date.

I am sure that this project should be paid attention to, because it is top-end and Aleo has clearly promising future.

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On March 3, the team announced the launch of a long-awaited ambassador program. The aim of the ambassador program is to unite people from all over the world who are passionate about Also and want to support the project by driving adoption, raising awareness, and strengthening the community. Learn more about the requirements by clicking on the link.

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