Testnet version TEST.19.1 is live

Testnet version TEST.19.1 is live

Hello everyone !

Testnet version TEST.19.1 is live.

Genesis has started on February 02, 02:00 PM UTC.
The episode will end on February 28, 03:00 PM UTC. The faucet is already available, registration is open and scoring will start at cycle 158, on February 06, 07:53 AM UTC.
The scoring will end at cycle 976, on February 25, 05:14 PM UTC.

New features in this release


  • Support console.log and tracegetBytecodeFor -> getBytecodeOf
  • Some internal ABI names has been change but they are abstracted by massa-as-sdk JsonRPC API
  • execute_read_only_call returns now the state of the ledger, async pool, pos draw, etc… after operation applied
  • get_operations now returns the operation datastore of the operation.
  • Add an experimental pagination to get_stakers


Upgrade SC packages

  • @massalabs/massa-web3: ^1.14.0
  • @massalabs/massa-as-sdk: ^2.0.2-dev
  • @massalabs/sc-project-initializer: ^0.1.4-dev
  • @massalabs/sc-compiler: ^0.0.4-dev
  • @massalabs/sc-deployer: ^0.0.4-dev We will keep this minor version for the whole Testnet and release patch version if necessary.

NOTE: In testnet 19, we’ll introduce SC calls load tests In official bootstrap nodes, the cooldown(temporary ban after starting a bootstrap) period is 12h

Complete changelog on https://github.com/massalabs/massa/releases/.

As always, please follow the installation instructions on https://docs.massa.net/en/latest/testnet/install.html

Good luck !

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