Star Origins : A play and earn game built on Massa


A space strategy play and earn game build on Massa and Ethereum .

What is Star Origins ?

A massively multiplayer game on the Blockchain !!

Play and earn

Dive into the Star Origins universe and earn real cryptocurrencies as you progress through the game.

Space Strategy Game

Control the way you want to play the game and develop your own strategy to win.

Web and Mobile

Always be in control of your destiny by accessing Star Origins anywhere, anytime, through the web & mobile version.

Star Origins is an EPIC PVP STRATEGICAL space adventure game set in a persistent and community driven universe where you can fight , share , socialize , mine and trade your planets resources.

This game gives you the posibility to grow your planet and earn tokens.Planets are the most important NFTs to possess in the game then control the universe and vanquish foes to earn both STAR and ORI tokens.

Where STAR is the governance token and ORI being the in-game token.


Star Origins Parteners
Star Origins Parteners

Star Origins is built on Ethereum and MASSA

Star Origins is built on Ethereum and MASSA
Ethereum and Massa

Read the full .pdf file to learn more about this game and how to play it.

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