Quai Network values security

             Quai Network values openness, decentralization, and security.

             Scalability, decentralization and security are the main characteristics of blockchain technology, or at least they should be. However, it is extremely difficult to preserve all aspects with the concepts that we know at present. Although such
networks as Bitcoin and Ethereum dominate from decentralization and security point of view, they do not come close to scalability.

             Quai Network opposes itself as a new and radical approach to increasing the scalability and decentralization of the blockchain. Thanks to the use of combined mining, Quai Network protects several blockchains in the pyramid hierarchy. Combined mining is the process of dividing the hashrate between different blockchains.

             The Quai Network website says that this network values openness, decentralization and security. Everything is described in detail on the site, it’s said what Quai Network is in an accessible language, it is explained in detail what this network is based on, what it does, what mission it carries and what values it picks out. The website of this network has detailed instructions on how to launch and install Quai Network.

             Quai Wallet is being developed actively at present and it will be issued for the general public in 2022.

             Quai Network is a merge-mined Proof of Work scaling solution for Ethereum. Quai Network utilizes merged mining in order to share hashrate among a hierarchical set of blockchains. When merge mining, miners will select the latest header from the Prime blockchain, one of the three Region chains, and one the three Zone chains that belong to the chosen Region. In a 3×3 network (as shown below), a Quai Network miner will be able to chose from 9 different “slices”.
             When mining the combined header of Prime, Region, and Zone, the miner will be able to find Prime, Region, and Zone blocks based off of the difficulty requirement of each header. It is expected for Zones to have the lowest difficulty, which gives Zone blocks the lowest block time. Upon finding a block with higher difficulty (i.e Prime or Region), all blocks below the difficulty requirement are also valid. So when the Prime chain is extended, so is the Region and Zone chain of the slice being mined.
             Merged Mining is the process of sharing hashrate across different blockchains. A Quai block header contains data for a Prime, Region, and Zone blockchain. The validity is determined by the amount of work found for the header. By combining the headers of our Prime, Region, and Zone blockchains Quai Network is able to secure three networks up and down the hierarchy at once.
             Mining of the combined header block is done inside of the manager. The manager is a program that sits on top of Quai Network that handles passing of external blocks via RPC.
             Anyone who is interested in new and promising projects will find it useful to visit this site, study it in detail and take a note of it.
             More information can be obtained in the discord of the project.
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