Massa testnet version TEST.22.1 is live.

massa testnet 22x

Massa testnet version TEST.22.1 is live.

Genesis has started on May 07, 10:30 PM UTC. The episode will end on May 30 06:00 PM UTC.

The faucet is already available, registration is open and scoring will start at cycle 227, on May 13, 07:38 AM UTC. The scoring will end at cycle 945, on May 28 , 08:06 AM UTC.

⚠️ Considering the modifications in this release, we suggest that you perform a clean installation, please follow the instructions on

New features in this release

👉 New implementation for network/protocol modules
👉 Due to the modifications made in the communication between Massa and SC, we will be able to expand SC writing to languages other than AS.
👉 The inclusion of denunciations enables nodes to report inside a block stakers who produced a multistake.


👉 Implementation of gRPC Health Checking Protocol.
👉 Added new gRPC methods:

– GetBlocks
– GetLargestStakers
– GetOperations
– GetScExecutionEvents
– NewSlotExecutionEvents

⚠️ Important

👉 Following the network/protocol refactoring, the configuration now has only one protocol section instead of network and protocol. Therefore, the routability tutorial has been revised to reflect this change.

Refactoring of the bootstrap with changes that will directly impact node runners and SC builders:
👉 Add max_coins field in ExecuteSC.
👉 The format of the initial_peers.json file has changed.

For existing projects:
👉 npm update @massalabs/massa-sc-deployer && @massalabs/massa-web3
👉 Add maxCoins parameter in deploySC.

Additional informations

📰 Complete changelog on

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