Massa at blockchain week in Paris


Workshop by Massa Labs in Paris

The Massa workshop 

 This will be an opportunity to present both the philosophy behind Massa and give an overview of the technology.

We will give a general introduction of Massa and show how the multithreaded block DAG technology behind Massa helps solve the blockchain trilema.

During this workshop you will have the opportunity to experiment with two features brought by Massa smart-contracts to web3: autonomous smart-contracts and decentralized.

Decentralized web helps tackling one of the long standing security flaws of decentralized applications: hosting.

Decentralized web takes the idea of Ethereum Name Service to another level and offers the possibility to host the whole website directly on the blockchain. The autonomous smart-contract feature brings self-wakeup capability to smart-contracts.

You will be able to explore the possibilities offered by those innovations in a small game.

Massa was founded with the motto that decentralization is non-negotiable. It aims to be the leading decentralized and scaled blockchain. It is based on a parallel block technology able to process thousands of operations per second with minimal energy consumption.

Through a fair ICO and other crucial decisions ensuring decentralization, Massa is the first blockchain with a Nakamoto decentralization coefficient above 1000. Massa will be the first blockchain to feature autonomous smart contracts and decentralized web hosting.

Massa is currently in the testnet phase with over 5000 nodes.
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