Mass Testnet version TEST.16.0 is live


Testnet version TEST.16.0 is live.

Genesis has started on November 01, 00:00 AM UTC. The episode will end on November 30, 5:00 PM UTC. The faucet is already available, registrations are opened and scoring will start at cycle 121, on November 03, 08:50 PM UTC.

The episode will end at cycle 1197, on November 29, 08:57 AM UTC.

New features in this release :

Stabilizing, cleaning and optimizing, using observations from testnet 15. By default, only a whitelist of ips is allowed to bootstrap from your node (give the path of the file). This should prevent some routability test failures due to bootstrap overload. To disable whitelisting, delete the whitelist file.

Now, builders can use Assemblyscript’s native random and time functions.

Improve JSONRPC API documentation. See Complete changelog on As always, please follow the installation instructions on

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