We are excited to announce that testnet 4 “Gaghiel” is live


As some of you have probably seen the update on humanode website, it is now official and they are a step closer to mainnet.

After the successful test of Grandpa-enabled Testnet 3 “Ramiel”, the dev team has been working hard to make the Humanode blockchain technology even better.

Testnet 4 “Gaghiel” will be focusing on token claims, vesting, and unlocking systems that we will also be using to distribute tokens at TGE. Here’s a hint: since the main goal for Testnet 4 is to test the token claims and vesting period, running a node in testnet 4 isn’t compulsory. However, Gaghiel is open to everyone. If you’d like to run testnet 4, this is especially prepared for you: ​​https://link.humanode.io/testnet4.

Click on the link to read the details about Gaghiel: https://blog.humanode.io/humanode-testnet-4-gaghiel-is-live/

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