Qredo’s Week of Excitement: Announcements, Releases, and Partnerships!


Last week, Qredo had several exciting announcements and releases. Here’s a breakdown of the updates:

Partnership Updates:

  • Qredo announced a new partnership with ChorusOne for staking through Qredo Wallets.
  • The ongoing partnership with Cryptio Co. was discussed by Benjamin Whitby, highlighting the progress made.

Security Updates:

  • Qredo Network achieved ISO 27001 certification, reinforcing its commitment to security.
  • The Trust Portal, which tracks commitments and certifications, was launched, providing transparency to the community.

Community Updates:

  • Qredo published its new Tokenology Framework, which introduces deflationary measures for the QRDO token, a staking mechanism with new validators, and community governance.
  • Qredo Labs, focused on building the future for digital assets, introduced Account Abstraction on Steroids and announced the availability of new testnets, including Arbitrum (Goerli) and OptimismFDN (Goerli).

Unofficial Community Launches:

  • Qredo launched unofficial communities in India, Indonesia, Romania, Ukraine, and the Philippines.
  • The new communities have already conducted initial Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions.
  • Official communities can be found on Discord and Telegram.

These updates showcase Qredo’s progress and developments across various areas, including partnerships, security, community engagement, and technological advancements.


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