Preparation of Massa mainnet’s genesis ledger: Action Required!


Massa is on the final stretch towards the mainnet launch, and it’s time for everyone who’s interacted with our dashboard and testnet to submit their Massa address. This ensures you’re able to receive tokens in the initial ledger.

A select group, specifically our dedicated node runners and ambassadors, will be prompted for KYC as part of the process.

 Here’s what you need to know:

Where to Go: Visit to provide your Massa wallet address ( will redirect you there for this)

Deadline: You have only until December 6th to submit your address so that we can prepare the initial ledger, so don’t miss out!

KYC Specificity: KYC will only be visible to eligible participants who will need to go through it (such as node runners and ambassadors). If KYC applies to you, you’ll see a prompt on your dashboard profile with further instructions  The Massa Foundation Launch:

• The Foundation is now live! Check out the newly live for future community updates and resources

• Always double-check the URLs you click on and where they bring you • Confirm the authenticity of all Massa-related communications through both of our official Discord and Telegram channels  Wallet Creation Tips: • Create a new wallet to hold your mainnet funds – freshness equals security

• Recommended wallets: the command-line node wallet from the testnet and Massa Station

• You may opt for a community wallet, but they have not been audited at this stage, so we do not recommend it We’re so excited to be gearing up for an epic leap forward – act NOW and stay tuned for important announcements soon!

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