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massa as heart of blockchain
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@MassaLabs aims to give the community back its protagonism, as it understands that the community is the heart of the blockchain.

Governance through #DAO, which will allow users to decide on-chain on certain important points of the protocol.

Governance through #DAO

Governance through #DAO

Its consensus based #POS has been optimized to escape the control of the major financial players so that there are no elites to control it.

Massa – from goverment grants to 5.8M$ raised from investors

Token retribution

The entire team of Massa Labs (including the founders) will claim a very minority stake, with tokens locked for several years.

During 2022, during the public sale, the acquisition will be conducted on a #KYC basis and will be limited to ensure maximum decentralization.

Same rules regarding the rewards attributed to the community that participated in the #testnet and to future ambassadors.

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