Web3 Community tooling and infrastructure for DAOs with SBT

Web3 Community tooling
Web3 Community tooling

Web3 community tool and infrastructure for DAOs in the Klaytn ecosystem.

HyeonLewis and garrett are building a new Web3 community tool and infrastructure for DAOs in the Klaytn ecosystem. We provide SNS(Twitter)-related badges based on SBT and general smart contracts essential for DAOs.

TL;DR: Things that they provide for all DAOs in klaytn:

  1. Decentralized Treasury, Voting, Meme token, SBT contracts for open sources that can be used in the Klaytn ecosystem (any blockchain platform in EVM-based)
  2. Chrome extension that connects SBT and SNS for DAO community members.
  3. 0xSBT SBT that connects all DAOs made by 0xSBT.

Details about the project:

All DAOs can be made by smart contracts provided by 0xSBT. We provide follow contracts: Treasury, Voting, Meme token, SBT.

Treasury: All tokens can be stored by treasury contracts. Since it has investment functions with basic LP farming, DAOs can manage their assets safely.

Voting: To make proposals, DAOs can use a simple voting contract.

Meme Token: DAOs can easily deploy their own meme token contract.

SBT(The most important contracts): DAO members can have 2 SBTs: 0xSBT and DAO’s SBT. All DAOs that are made by 0xSBT can verify them by holding 0xSBT(connected with SNS) and 0xSBT will be the standard for well-made DAO. 0xSBT makes powerful community power and active communication between DAOs. And each DAO’s SBT will be also connected with SNS by using Chrome extensions, which makes the powerful communities and members feel belonging.

Team Information

garrett: Full-stack developer who has many experiences with NFT, Frontend and Web3 ecosystem.

Lewis: Full-stack developer who has many experiences with smart contract and Web ecosystem.

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president choi: Reseacher and PM who has many experiences with Web3 ecosystem.

More info about the build : DoraHacks

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