Solana Saga cell phone


The creators of Solana have unveiled a web3-focused cell phone

With the debut of an Android phone and a new subsidiary focused on web3 mobile applications, the Solana team hopes to revolutionize the telecommunications business.

Solana Labs CEO Anatoly Yakovenko unveiled the new Android phone, called Saga, during an event in New York City. The device is being designed to be created specifically for web3, which includes anything from NFT marketplaces to decentralized trading platforms.

The phone will include a 6.6-inch touchscreen display and 512 GB of storage, as well as built-in private key security mechanisms.

The Solana Saga is a new crypto-focused phone launching Q1 of next year. It’s a rebrand of OSOM’s OV1.


The Saga Begins – June 23 – NYC


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