Solana Blockchain Hosts Decentralized Betting Exchange Aver


Aver, a betting and predictions marketplace for Web3, has just started its public beta on the Solana platform.

After raising $7.5 million in a preliminary round in early 2022 and having “a productive closed beta phase in June,” the product is now available to the general public. The idea has the support of “heavyweights” in the sports betting and cryptocurrency industries, such as Jump, Susquehanna (SIG), and Mirana Ventures, among others.

Trade sports and predict events on the blockchain

Bet, predict and win peer-to-peer

Make and trade predictions with users across the world – with zero counterparty risk, super low fees and trustless market resolution.

There is no ‘house’ – bets are matched with other community members, meaning much greater value for everyone.

Fully decentralized and non-custodial

The entire process takes place on the Solana blockchain, and is executed using autonomous smart-contract logic.

You always keep custody of your idle funds, and smart contracts handle the collateral required to cover bets.

Composible, open and transparent

The Aver Protocol is an open and decentralized program that lives on the Solana blockchain.

Interaction is permissionless meaning winners aren’t turned away, and building tools to interact with the platform is encouraged and welcomed.

$AVER Token


The project will launch a token, $AVER. Tokenholders will be entitled to many benefits within the platform and protocol – and be both a governance and utility token.

The token is designed to encourage the type of contributions and engagement for the Aver Ecosystem to function effectively – that includes market makers, price takers, oracle node validators, governance, and stakers.

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