Social marketplace Agora will be launched for the first time on Massa


Agora Marketplace to Launch for the First Time on Massa Blockchain

Exciting news for the crypto community as the Agora marketplace is set to launch for the first time on the Massa blockchain this coming September. The platform’s creator, Urkann, is confident that Massa will be one of the most used blockchains for NFTs due to the autonomous Smart Contracts that will make it explode.

As the first marketplace on Massa, Agora will be the only platform where users can trade Massa NFTs. Once the volume is sufficient, the team plans to launch on Solana and Ethereum, which are already developed in terms of integration.

Why Massa

The decision to launch on Massa was made due to the changes in revenue models and fierce competition on other platforms. Urkann believes that Solana is taking a big risk with 99% of the volume being done on the current leaders. Therefore, Massa offers a new opportunity to explore the possibilities of blockchain technology.

Additionally, $DGN is still waiting to be released. More information will be available at a later time, but Degen Santa related rewards and those accumulated during the staking phase will be distributed.

To the Degens family, Urkann expressed gratitude for their trust in the team so far and invited them to join in this new adventure. As he said, “systematic innovation requires a willingness to see change as an opportunity.”

The launch of Agora on Massa blockchain will undoubtedly mark a new chapter in the crypto world, with promising opportunities for NFT enthusiasts and blockchain technology enthusiasts alike. Stay tuned for updates as we count down to the launch date in September.

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