Proof of Work (PoW)

It serves to avoid bad causes in a network, it works by requiring a job from the client, the game is verified by the network, it consists of performing complex computing operations.

The decentralized accounting system collects all the information related to the blocks. However, special care must be taken with transaction blocks.
This responsibility falls to all the individual nodes called miners and the process they use to maintain it is called mining. The central principle behind this technology is to solve complex mathematical problems and provide solutions easily.
The aim is to prevent clients from consuming all the resources in an uncontrolled manner, a situation that could end up denying the service provided to the rest.

Now, something that we have always seen is the captcha, it is used to record the web, it sets this challenge that the visitor has to solve, if he solves it he will have access to the service, it prevents an attacker from creating millions of records and thus crashing or collapse the page, the challenge in a communication between computers is not so complex.

The strategy is its asymmetry, the verification part of the network is simple, this means that the proof of work takes a long time and is computationally expensive, the design pattern test makes verification easier.

Blockchain is a database that manages a constantly growing set of data records. The nature of its structure is distributed, that is, there is no central computer that hosts the entire chain, but the nodes involved have a copy of it. Likewise, its growth is continuous, only data records are added to the chain.

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Hashcash- Pow

Hashcash was created by Adam Back, the Pow was never used in the Hashcash ad, back if I use blockchain technology as Double Spend Protection, they wanted to curb spam submissions, they wanted to impose non-monetary charges on sending each email , to calculate problems they needed to calculate the problem, and then the information was attached and could be sent to an email.

The cost of electricity was the cause of an intensive calculation, that is, a cent of a dollar for an email sent, which sent few emails a day that nobody noticed, but a spammer did, and the point is that sending many emails increased the amount of great way the electricity bill, thus discouraging spammers from carrying out their malicious activity.

Pow algorithms (Proof of Work)

In 1993 they noticed a problem that they called “Price fixing by processing or fighting spam” contained different ways to prevent spammers from sending mass messages, the use of emails began to become widespread, there were new problems, such as , the email systems recurrently suffered spam attacks, these were disabled to the servers and could leave some people without services, it was necessary to find solutions to these problems, that is why they designed a series of tests that needed work with computational cost, the calculation of some square roots or the intense use of hash functions, when they finished the user would have to add information to their mail to be verified, if it was correct the mail was sent correctly, if something was missing it was obviously rejected, this system was rejecting spammers from spamming.

Pow in bitcoin

Satoshi Nakamoto published the bitcoin document in 2008, he clarified that the proof of work was a key element of the bitcoin protocol, in this way bitcoin uses the HashCash protocol ended up revolutionizing the world, presenting a completely innovative technology, the blockchain , which allowed them to create the “Cryptocurrency” and that has been evolved over time.

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Using the Pow protocol with each new block created, a mathematical puzzle must be solved that is solved by trial and error, they were solved by the miners, making many attempts, which would result in the creation of the block, confirmation of the transactions involved in a block and the generation of new bitcoins gave the miner as well as the implicit commissions of each transaction.

How does the Pow protocol work?

  • These stages allow and model how Pow works, and the ease of this model allows it to be transferred to different software to take advantage of its potential, allowing millions of people to participate concurrently in the network.
  • The node establishes a connection, the network assigns it an expensive task, it must be solved in order to receive an economic incentive.
  • POW Begins problem solving, involves the use of computer power in order to solve the given puzzle, that is called MINING.
  • When they finished their task, the client shares with this network their verification, it is verified quickly until the task meets all the requirements, at this point the double spending protection verification is performed.
  • Finally, the confirmation of the task that was fulfilled, the client accesses the network resources, receives a profit for the computational work done.
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