Presenting Masstronauts Series: Interview with Mon


Massa Masstronaut

Hi , tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from, and what is your history?

In the community everyone knows me by Mon, I’m a technology teacher, a didactic book writer, and a web developer. Due to my profession I came to crypto out of curiosity and together with Sami we created Cumulo ( our brand to bring content to the communities and develop in crypto.

When you were a kid, what did you want to grow up and be ? What were your dreams and aspirations ?

Like every kid I wanted to be many things, but martial arts has always been there, I grew up with a Bruce Lee poster in my room for years.

How did you discover Massa Labs, and what got you interested?

I discovered Massa thanks to an announcement made by Andrei in a crypto community, for weeks we were investigating. Apart from the brilliant CV of Massa’s team, we were struck by the different way Massa wants to do things in terms of decentralisation.

What is your current role in Massa, and what challenges do you face?

I’m Masstronaut and I work mainly focused on the Spanish community, together with Andrei and Sami, we create content for the mediums, social networks, and give support in the community… I also help with the support in the official community on Discord especially when the guys who normally run it need to rest…

What do you like the most about Massa?

Massa’s vision is intended to be different, they have returned to the initial principles of blockchain and the idea of decentralisation and independence. Otherwise at this point I consider Massa my crypto family and the Massa community is great, we all help each other and cooperate in a very friendly atmosphere.

How do you see the Massa ecosystem 5 years from now ? What is Massa`s most interesting part ?

We are moving in a very competitive world where third generation blockchains are taking their place, I believe that in this new blockchain paradigm where scalability will play a very important role, Massa will have a very important place, as its development in scalability/decentralisation is crucial. I think the most interesting part will come from the interaction with other blockchains and the development of its ecosystem, and how autonomous smart contracts and the decentralised web will create new use cases in the crypto world…

Setting Massa aside for a moment, what do you do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies?

My hobbies are sports, martial arts, hiking and most importantly travelling.

 What are your goals in life?

My goals are independence and freedom, that’s why I’m in crypto, to be able to travel and move freely and to be able to work independently on exciting projects like Massa.

What is your favorite food, favorite movie, and favorite rock song?

All the Galician food is incredible, impossible to choose,… then the Asian food, sticky rice, pad thai,… my favourite film is surely Fight Club, my favourite song is any Pink Floyd song

Anything you would like to say to the community?

I think one of the most special things about Massa is the community, … it’s you guys, and that I’m sure will make a difference, so stick together, trust in the Massa team and together we will build something great.
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