MicroStrategy has purchased an additional 480 bitcoins on complicated blockchain market

complicated blockchain market
complicated blockchain market

Yes that’s how it is. Michael Saylor buys bitcoins in a complicated blockchain market time.

Microstrategy has announced on its official twitter account a new purchase of bitcoins and look at the data, they have bought 480 bitcoins for ~$10 million at an average price of ~$20,817 per bitcoin.


As of June 28, 2022, MicroStrategy, together with its subsidiaries, held an aggregate of approximately 129,699 bitcoins,
which were acquired at an aggregate purchase price of approximately $3.98 billion and an average purchase price of approximately $30,664 per bitcoin,
inclusive of fees and expenses.



The weekly blockchain market as you can see in the photo below does not look so bad, but there is a but!

Weekly Market Overview
Weekly Market Overview 

This purchase is not surprising, it is a good time to buy and the crypto market is not the only one that is at rock bottom, there are quite a few consolidated companies in the stock market that also happen to them the same.

Some stocks perform worse than cryptocurrencies losing more than 50% of their value since all-time highs.

A few popular companies and compared their performance with crypto projects.

complicated  blockchain market
 complicated blockchain market
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