Mastercard and Fasset expand cryptoasset horizons in Indonesia

Digital asset platform Fasset in a statement today announced today a collaboration with global payments technology company, Mastercard, to expand financial capabilities in Indonesia and create more economic opportunities for another tier of customers.

Fasset and Mastercard will jointly develop solutions to support and expand financial and digital capabilities across the country. Mastercard will leverage this and its national and global expertise to drive local adoption of new technologies to improve access to critical financial services. In addition, Fasset’s technological capabilities will help digitize banking services for all.

Navin Jain the manager of Mastercard in Indonesia in his remarks commented:

“The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. With more people relying on digital assets and technologies to become resilient, there is a need for key players in the public and private sectors to come together to create solutions that can lead to new opportunities and solutions for broader financial inclusion. Mastercard is pleased to offer its digital payments and cybersecurity solutions for Fasset to support Indonesia’s financial inclusion efforts and promote broader access to digital technologies”

Hendra Suryakusuma the Fasset executive focuses his efforts on promoting:

“financial inclusion and democratizing access to opportunity by enabling a new wave of digital asset ownership in our emerging markets,” “Asset ownership is the most robust way to drive healthy livelihoods and economies. Digital asset-driven remittance corridors can unleash a new wave of socioeconomic prosperity through unique product offerings that we are diligently building,” Suryakusuma concluded”.

Hendra Suryakusuma comments that there is an unbanked population of 92 million in Indonesia. According to the same directive this partnership will close this gap to improve access to digital financial services.

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