Massa Testnet Episode 14.1 is here !

👉IMPORTANT: please install the latest version, 14.1
👉CRITICAL: for those who had installed the bugged TEST.14.0, please delete the storage/peers.json file or you might have banned the bootstrap nodes.
👉Scoring will start Monday, September 19 (but it is NOT SURE YET)

Episode Features

Episode 14.X (14.1) of our Testnet is bringing some BREAKING changes. Therefore, before going into the updates, please check the instructions below, since they are very important. If you want to understand the scale of those changes, you can follow this link and see that we deleted more 21,000 lines of code and added more than 27,000.

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  • Change on the API, at the endpoint level
  • As soon as there is an execution failure at the level of an operation, an event is emitted, which makes it possible to trivialize the errors
  • Client output changed
  • Transaction Throughput: 0 tx/s (we did not send transactions during Episode 13 due to a memory leak, fixed with Episode 14)
  • Block Throughput: 1.99 b/s
  • 7400+ followers on Twitter
  • 24000+ members on Discord
  • 441+ followers on Medium
  • 1000+ registered for our future newsletters
  • 130+ followers on Reddit
  • 13 non-official communities (+4)
  • We sent our first Newsletter for our subscribers, announcing the first AMM building on Massa, Dusa, as well as a first game, Star Origins.
  • We prepared our Beta of the Ambassadorship program, news to be released soon.

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