Maiar Exchange Metabonding: Free Tokens to holders


Stake your EGLD and LKMEX to earn free tokens

Hurry up ! There are less than 20 days left for the snapshots to start on Maiar Exchange Metabonding, you need to have LKMEX or EGLD in a farm within the Maiar Exchange to qualify for the free airdrops.

Time left until the snapshots

Building a community is crucial for web 3 startups to be successful. Maiar Exchange Metabonding gives a significant amount of the right kind of community right from the start can supercharge the bootstrapping process of startups.

  1. Web 1.0 means Read.
  2. Web 2.0 means Write.
  3. Web3 means Own.

Projects building on Elrond will be able to establish a long term commitment with the most hardcore community members, by distributing ~10% of their token supply to EGLD stakers and LKMEX stakers, over the course of 2 years.

The process will begin as follows:

  1. The Maiar Exchange “Metabonding” section of the Maiar DEX will soon be live with the first 3 participating projects
  2. Official EGLD staking and LKMEX Metabonding snapshots will begin on March 15
  3. Official Metabonding claims of new tokens will begin on April 15

The projects registering for the Metabonding, will see a rapid adoption taking place in the Elrond ecosystem, benefiting from:

  • Awareness from the entire Elrond community
  • Metabonding snapshotting template
  • A staking program template
  • Listing on the Maiar DEX
  • Listing on the Maiar App
  • “Learn and Earn” style campaigns
  • Trading competitions

Bottom line : You can earn free tokens just for having either elgds or lkmex stacked on the Maiar Exchange , and this is Metabounding !

Learn more : Introducing “Metabonding” – Community Building For Web3 Startups · Elrond

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