Last week’s Hot Altcoin events digest

Last week's Hot Altcoin events
Last week’s Hot Altcoin events

Last week’s Hot Altcoin events 

Binance has been granted registration as a Virtual Asset Services Provider (VASP) for its Spanish subsidiary by the Bank of Spain.

Meta has announced that Novi will no longer be available for use after September 1.

Before Novi goes away, users can get their remaining balance and download their Novi information.

Visa has announced that bitcoinblack, a VIP crypto credit card, is now available in the United Arab Emirates.

Bank for International Settlements (BIS) intends to extend its hand to the new asset class by allowing banks to hold up to 1% of reserves in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC).

Celsius repays $120 million stablecoin debt to Maker protocol.

Crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital has filed for Chapter 15 bankruptcy, a move that protects its US assets while a liquidation is carried out in the British Virgin Islands.

Central African Republic launches national cryptocurrency called ‘Sango Coin’.

The Aave team proposes creation of stablecoin called GHO.

Ledger has announced the integration of FTX services into the ‘Swap’ section of the Ledger Live app.

Sequoia Capital’s Chinese affiliate is about to close $9 billion in fresh capital for four new funds, higher than its original target of more than $8 billion, according to two people familiar with the fundraising.

Venture capital firm Konvoy Ventures announced a new $150 million fund to invest in gaming, targeting web3 and blockchain-based gaming along with other verticals.

TON Foundation sets up a $90M ecosystem fund.

The fund’s aim is to establish new projects on TON and promote its user as a layer 1, or base, blockchain through advisory services and financial backing.

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Vauld, a Singapore-based crypto trading and lending platform, has suspended all withdrawals, trading and deposits. The firm has also hired legal and financial advisors for potential restructuring options.

Crypto lender Nexo plans to buy fellow lender Vauld.

Binance.US hires former PayPal exec Jasmine Lee as CFO ahead of IPO ‘in the coming years’.

TRON DAO Reserve has increased 445,000,000 USDC supply on TRON.

Currently USDC supply on TRON has reached $3.3 billion.

Solana-based liquidity protocol Crema Finance has been hacked for $8.8M.

The hacker has returned $7.6 million worth of stolen crypto following a negotiation deal. Per the negotiation deal, the hacker was allowed to keep 45,455 SOL as a bounty reward.

Celsius was accused of crypto market manipulation and failure to put in place basic accounting controls to protect customer deposits in lawsuit by ex-employee.

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