We have seen time and time again how important this word is in these days when the blockchain market is under a heavy depression. Making moves that will make millions of people suffer due to personal ambitions, vilifying the work of others just to promote their own work, pretending to have done a lot without doing anything, etc…

Actually, when I met Massa, I was only thinking how much I can earn from this project. Things have changed when I got to know Damir, Sébastien, Adrien and Vincent better. When I searched about them, I learned that they finished their school with very good grades and they have a PhD. Because of my respect for science, this was primarily a very important criterion for me.

Then I started to research what the purpose of the project was and how much effort was spent on the project. There are so many more important things than money in the lives of people: for some it is love, for some it is position, for some it is trust and reputation. I think what the most important thing for me is the last part.

Keeping promises, not lying, working to achieve are all great virtues. The most important thing that connected me wholeheartedly with this project was the virtuous behavior of these four people. Yes, the project is still at a very early stage, and for some it is important whether the ship reaches land. What is important for me is the stories that the captain had during the journey. And witnessing this journey personally makes me feel both lucky and happy. I am happy to have met these people who are just focused on their work and trying to develop new things.

Whether they are successful or not, I see their efforts and show them great respect. Massa is not just a cryptocurrency, it is also a symbol of dedication and integrity. The heavy crises experienced these days have shown us that these are what is more important than money in life:

Reputation and Honesty.

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