Highlights of Massa’s event in Paris

Massa Event Paris
Massa Event Paris

Community Highlights

These last days as you know we had the opportunity to be in Paris for a very special event ( Born to Build ) organized by Massa Labs .

Massa team is spectacular , they express themselves with a lot of confidence when we talk about Blockclique , the innovation they bring to the crypto world like : autonomous smart contracts and Massa’s decentralized web .

Well , between the beers we were  also done constructive things , how not , we have attended the presentation of the first DEX to be built on Massa , it’s called DUSA.

Dusa is not just another DEX , thanks to the technology of Massa they will use autonomous smart contracts and thus they will mark a before and after in the industry . Another point to highlight about them is that Dusa won the Massa hackathon.

Dusa Protocol


At launch Dusa Protocol will offer an innovative 100% on-chain Dex  with the following features:

✔️ Swaps
✔️ Creation of Liquidity pool by users
✔️ Autonomous Smart contract for buy and sell orders
✔️ Innovative UI/UX
✔️API accesibility

You can find them here : https://t.me/dusaprotocol

Thyra – An entrance to the Massa blockchain.

We also had the opportunity to speak with Gregory Libert, the CIO from Massa Labs and he explained what Thyra is and how this new entry into the Massa blockchain is so important.

Why this name ?

θύρα (thýra) in ancient Greek means door, entrance. This is exactly what this project is: an entrance to the Massa blockchain.

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How to pronounce it ?

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0BQ7sSJMTw.

To access a website stored on the Massa blockchain you need to  run thyra-server application on your machine.

GitHub – massalabs/thyra: A gateway to the Massa blockchain

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