Golden — A decentralized canonical knowledge graph.

Golden is a platform that uses complex methods of extracting and processing various information on topics from a wide range of sources.

The site 14 sections:

– blockchain and cryptocurrency. There are more than three thousand topics dedicated to this topic in the section. This topic has detailed description in plain language. Beginners as well as professionals will receive great information.

– artificial intelligence. More than 700 topics have to do with artificial intelligence. The main classifications, main industries, artificial neural network, clustering and other areas can be found in this section.

– financial technologies. About 200 topics are handled on this theme. Capital Markets Technology and PayTech companies will meet you with their links when you go to this page. All sections are clickable and have redirection links to additional, more detailed information.

– biotechnology. Biotechnology is the use of technology to modify or manipulate living systems or parts of living systems to produce useful products, biological processing, disease treatment or knowledge acquisition.

A detailed disclosure of this topic is in this section.

– quantum technology: its fundamentals, materials and manufacturing, quantum dots and their use, quantum communication and cryptography, quantum sensors and measurements.

– more than 400 topics are devoted to a topical issue of Covid-19 today.

A large number of topics are devoted to microbiology and its various areas, science and its branches. Every person who will be interested in this platform will definitely be satisfied with it and will find a large amount of interesting and useful information.

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