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In recent years, when Web 3.0 has become more and more popular, and the relentless struggle of different views with each other…

Some people argue that Web 3.0 is just a passing movement to try to get money out of people’s pockets, while supporters of this new paradigm dream of a world where anyone can be a user freely without centralization. Yet, the controversy keeps on going especially in the events that took place in the last year.

I honestly don’t think the future is in NFT cards. I think we went through that period of the world with the games of Japanese anime that raged physically in the early 2000s. I also feel lucky that I was able to live those days to the fullest.

Frankly, at this point, Massa’s unique solutions about Web 3.0 and the new technology with the consensus mechanism that it has created in software these days excite me.

Massa makes all decentralized websites operable on the blockchain and provides a browser plugin with which you can access these sites. In this way, Massa, which is not on a central server and uses the immutability of blockchain technology, is completely protected from attacks and individual disruptions and the disadvantages of centrality. All of the sites can be hosted on the blockchain and this method is revolutionary in smart contracts. All sites, including HTML/CSS and JS pages, are made hostable on the blockchain. We can perform some server-side operations with Javascript and interact with the plugin. Back-end languages ​​are currently under development, and API-driven developments can be made and can become dynamic. In addition, Massa is currently working on many ideas for the development of this technology constantly. For example, libraries that can be shared between projects; Like uploading a JS library to the Massa chain once and importing it on different decentralized websites, to make the most of all the advantages…

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Let’s think about it; How would it be if a bank moves its website completely to the blockchain, if it is secure, unchangeable and fast, and if the security of people is guaranteed with privacy protocols? Or if you integrate a website you have built into the blockchain chain and you have no fear of attack?

When asked what is the most important thing on the internet, people would answer “security”. It is really exciting to witness these developments in advance, in which we can internalize their usage areas more in the coming years.

And I think that the really beneficial aspects of blockchain should be implemented in our lives from now on…


Written By @HeiLong and @altaycrypto

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