Build Smart Contracts with Massa’s SC Playground


Blockchain technology has improved tremendously over the last decade but smart-contract security can still be an issue. 

Smart contracts play a critical role in a blockchain when moving digital assets from one address to another. They’re also the backbone of most Web3 dapps. If a smart contract has an exploit, it’s pretty much guaranteed that, in time, someone will find it and abuse it. That’s why rigorous testing is such an essential part of smart contract deployment, as once deployed they can’t be modified further.

While there are numerous tools to be found online, no other testing environment is as useful as the blockchain you’re about to deploy on. That’s why Massa developed the Smart Contract Playground. The idea is to help developers explore the capabilities of smart contracts written in Assembly Script and the Massa Smart-contract SDK. Basically, this tool lets you write and test out your Massa smart contracts. Keep in mind this is a Minimum Viable Product and, as such, has certain limitations. However, those will be improved upon with time.

So what exactly can you do with Massa’s MVP Smart Contract Playground? Let’s have a look.

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