AMA live with Massa’s founders

This Wednesday (today), at 8:00 a.m. UTC,
@forestier_seb, @AdrienFinot,@damipator
will be holding an AMA to present episode 10 of the Testnet by

They will answer questions and tell us where we are at.

You can follow the link below and leave your questions to the team about episode 10.

Changes introduced in TEST.10.0:

* 4 new bootstrap srvs (2 in poland, 2 in canada)
* Stabilization, performance improvements
* Improved bootstrap process
* Paving the way towards a streaming bootstrap
* Feedback from the hackathon implemented
* Documentation in construction to build on Massa:

As a great novelty, if you want to play the decentralised web and standalone smart-contracts demo that we do at the AMA, you must follow these steps
– Install our browser extension for wallets ( The installation steps are detailed in the repo, for now it works with Firefox and Chrome.
– create a wallet (click on the massa extension and then on “Create wallet”)
– navigate to massa://gameoflife
It takes a while to load but then you should be able to see our game of life demo working with standalone smart-contracts.


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